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How much should I be spending on Dropped Object mitigation?

For those of us working in HSE-focused roles, a common phrase like ‘you can’t put a price on safety’ is distinctly unhelpful.

On the one hand, this implies a refusal to acknowledge that the budget of an HSE decision maker is finite. On the other, it fails to recognise that health and safety is more than just an expense; it is an investment with a value that extends far beyond the simple fact of keeping personnel safe.

The problem is that, despite increasing standardization of safety systems, HSE decision makers across multiple industries often lack a clear benchmark for assessing the quality and lifetime cost of the available options.

Dropped Objects have been identified as a shared safety challenge in Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining and Marine, leading to great innovation in prevention technologies. However, faced with an array of products of variable quality, many will still struggle to answer the key question ‘How much should I be spending on Dropped Object mitigation?’

At Dropsafe, we believe that more transparency is needed to support informed procurement and empower HSE decision makers to adopt innovative and cost-effective solutions that not only ‘do the job’ but deliver long-term value.

With this challenge in mind, we have developed our latest whitepaper Slipping Through the Cracks, looking in depth at one particular Dropped Object prevention technology – the safety barrier.

This whitepaper considers the attributes of the key barrier products on the market and provides a clear analysis of how the long-term costs compare. It does not aim to show that ‘you can’t put a price on safety’, but rather that cost is not a barrier to effective Dropped Object mitigation. The whitepaper can be downloaded here.

Elsewhere in today’s edition – Dropsafe’s first quarterly newsletter – we highlight significant milestones achieved by the Dropsafe Net and the Dropsafe Barrier, which have become two of the first products to achieve ABS Type Approval. We also look at the trend of rig reactivation in Oil & Gas, and how it is driving proactivity in adoption of Dropped Object prevention technology.

Finally, we highlight opportunities to meet the team in the coming weeks and months, with a number of key industry events on the horizon. In the meantime, do get in touch if you have any comments, queries or feedback.


Enjoy the edition.


Mike Rice

Commercial Director, Dropsafe