Dropsafe handbooks & white papers

A collection of handbooks and white papers created by Dropsafe to educate and inform the energy industry about dropped objects and overall worksite safety


Drops Prevention: An introduction

Drops Prevention: An Introduction is a handbook that looks at drops at a basic level. What causes drops risks and how can these risks be combatted? A guide to introduce dropped object prevention to those in industries where there is not a high awareness of dropped objects.


Empowering Drops Prevention

Empowering Drops Prevention: A Dropsafe Handbook is a guide on Drops prevention that provides a practical resource for power generation operators, ensuring that plant and turnaround managers are prepared to meet the Drops challenge. The handbook will offer guidance based on the real experience of Dropsafe and its partners in the power generation sector to effectively reduce Drops.

White paper

Slipping through the cracks

Slipping Through the Cracks is a white paper put together by Dropsafe. It looks at the pros and cons of various different safety barrier options, as well as a detailed cost comparison over a 5-year period.

White paper

The Neglected Hazard

The Neglected Hazard is a white paper created by Dropsafe. It looks at how Dropped Objects can be a hazard in the offshore wind industry, and yet how the renewables sector does little to treat them as such.