Dropsafe Matting
Dropsafe Matting
Dropsafe Matting
Dropsafe Matting

Dropsafe Matting

The Dropsafe Matting is a PVC, certified slip resistant drops prevention solution. Designed for use on worksite walkways and flooring, the Matting has anti-fatigue properties, and provides slip and fall prevention in the workplace.

Installation areas
Storage areas
Conveyor walkways
Cherry pickers / EWBs

The Dropsafe Matting

The Dropsafe Matting is an advanced PVC solution designed to enhance safety on worksites. Available in Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty variants, this matting is tailored to meet diverse needs through varying thicknesses. Each option features exceptional anti-slip properties, high UV resistance, and superior drainage capabilities. Standard in black, Dropsafe Matting also offers a range of custom color options. Sold in 10-meter rolls, it is engineered to prevent dropped object incidents and reduce trip and fall hazards, significantly improving workplace safety.

Maintenance free with a long service life backed by a four-year warranty
Fast & easy installation with no tools required and can be easily removed & redeployed
Prevents slips trips & falls in the workplace making for a safer working environment
High-grade & non-porous PVC ensures durability and versatility across a variety of worksite areas
Made from non-porous PVC
Certified slip resistant & contours to uneven surfaces
Chemical, acid & oil resistant
High UV resistance & suitable for harsh environments
Custom colours & thicknesses available
Excellent drainage ability
Available in 10m / 33' rolls - other sizes available upon request
Two-layer grid prevents small items from dropping
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