About Dropsafe

Your global drops prevention partner

Our Mission: Protect Your People

At Dropsafe, our mission is to create solutions that prevent objects from falling from height, ensuring the safety of your personnel and the integrity of your facilities. We are dedicated to being your global partner in drops prevention, offering comprehensive, sustainable, and cost-effective tools, advice, and resources to tackle drops risks.


Who We Are

Dropsafe is committed to protecting your people by creating safer workplaces. Our focus on personnel safety not only enhances compliance with industry best practices but also sets forward-thinking businesses apart in global markets. As leaders in the drops prevention space, we strive to help companies achieve unparalleled safety standards.


Our Approach

Understanding the pressures of time, budget, and sustainability in safety management, we design all Dropsafe systems to be long-term assets rather than consumables. Our solutions are engineered for a low total cost of ownership, ensuring you get the most value over time.


Educating for Safety

We believe that effective drops prevention goes beyond technology. We aim to foster a safety culture by educating facility personnel about the risks of dropped objects and promoting awareness of positive and effective mitigation strategies.


Industries We Serve

Dropsafe solutions have been adopted worldwide by over 300 leading businesses in the energy and power sectors. Initially focusing on the Oil & Gas industry with our safety nets, we have expanded our product range and reach over the past 15+ years to revolutionize site safety in:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Chemical
  • Power Generation
  • Marine
  • Renewables


All these sectors are susceptible to dropped objects, and Dropsafe continues to engineer superior solutions to protect your people.


Our Commitment to Quality

Dropsafe is a proud member of several industry bodies, demonstrating our commitment to quality and safety standards.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with Dropsafe as we have shared goals to improve the safety of people working in high-risk sectors, such as mining and oil and gas. Dropsafe’s reputation for delivering premium solutions aligns with our mission to protect people, their plant and their process.”

Joe Hischar, Managing Director, Teksal Safety