Dropsafe Accessories
Dropsafe Accessories
Dropsafe Accessories
Dropsafe Accessories

Dropsafe Accessories

The Dropsafe Accessories collection comprises specialized solutions that enhance worksite safety beyond our core product offerings. Featuring the versatile Dropsafe Barricade and the robust Dropsafe Screw-lock Carabiner, each accessory is designed to elevate the safety standards of your environment. Crafted from high-quality materials, our accessories provide reliable performance and additional security for various operational needs.

Dropsafe Barricade

The Dropsafe Barricade can be used for different applications throughout a facility. The system has multiple attaching options, customisable chain lengths, modular signage and a modular weather resistant documentation pouch. It is a versatile and durable product, and serves to indicate potential red zones or dangerous areas to personnel on your facility.

Modular design provides flexibility
Adheres to good housekeeping practices
Instant safety solution
Can be easily implemented with no tools required
Effective method of reinforcing and enhancing onsite safety
Suitable for harsh environments
Attachable DANGER and CAUTION signs
Durable weather-proof and reflective document pouch
Magnetic hooks to connect the chain to metal structures
Customisable chain length and multiple installation options
Versatile, suitable for use throughout worksite