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Dropsafe Nets Alternative Nets
3-year warranty No warranty
Over 100 made-to-measure net sizes available No fixture-specific net sizes
No modification required Nets require on-site modification

Easier installation experience & higher lifetime value

Difficulties with installation

A downside of the alternative Dropped Objects Prevention Safety Nets is the difficulty posed by the installation. These Nets come in a ‘roll form’ and are not tailor-made for a specific fixture. The installer is totally responsible for correct modification and installation. Not only is the Dropsafe installation easier and faster, but each net is also tailor-made for a specific fixture. Dropsafe also provides detailed online training.

Onsite modification creates unnecessary risks

The cutting of the alternative nets creates as many risks as they prevent. These risks include the tools that will have to be used on-site; the offcuts of wire netting and exposed ends of the cut wire snagging clothing or causing lacerations. This is far from an ideal HSE situation. Removing the net for equipment inspection also causes problems.

Dropsafe nets do not require any modification and if Dropsafe does not already make a net intended for your fixture, custom sizes are available.

Without training, installations will be expensive

Each net installation could be done by different workers, and be dependent on their level of experience. Each net can vary in dimension and securing configuration, therefore contributing to the capability of each net to serve its purpose

As well as the difficulties and complications this could pose, the installation will also be expensive in both time and labour.

Dropsafe Nets Alternative Nets
All nets third-party tested No fixed net sizes, cannot be third-party tested
316 SUS/AISI stainless steel Often not 316 stainless steel
Fully recyclable Fully recyclable

Higher product reliability

Steel wire with a smaller diameter would allow for more net flexibility

Dropsafe Nets are made from SUS AISI 316 stainless steel. However, alternative Nets can have a wire diameter of 2.0 or 2.5 mm. While the wire is strong, its thickness creates a great limitation in regard to its flexibility. This is a crucial problem for these alternative net system, which requires the net to be shaped by the installer to cover a fixture. Therefore, the job becomes significantly more difficult, especially on fixtures with multiple angles and corners. The Dropsafe net has thinner wire, allowing for greater flexibility, making it easier to inspect the fixture enclosed.

More accurate third-party tests for fixture-specific solution

Another issue is about their figures stating both their ‘Safe Working Load’ (SWL) and ‘Actual Break Load’ (ABL) of Crimping.

These figures state what the material itself can withstand, with no guarantee that the net that has been modified (by someone without training) will be able to retain the fixture should drop incident occur. So while the material itself can be third-party tested, there is no way that the nets can be put to the test in the same way, and therefore its actual capability difficult to assess.

Build a safer workplace with Dropsafe Nets

In the search for a reliable and highly rated Dropped Object Net provider, Dropsafe is a contender that outstrips the competition.

Dropsafe’s Nets are specifically designed and tailor-made to be fixture specific. Dropsafe designs and manufactures over 100 different sized nets for a variety of fixtures and each net comes with its own set of fitting and use instructions.

With a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 500°C (-40 to 932°F), the Dropsafe Net is suitable for installation in any environment and every Net comes with an individual test certificate.

As every Net is intended to enclose and secure a specific object at height, Dropsafe can guarantee that every net is third-party tested and can withstand more than five times (5X) the Safe Working Load (SWL). Due to the wide range of nets available no modification is required, and this means that every net can be installed quickly and easily with no tools.

Dropsafe offers the industry-leading, best-in-class Dropped Object Prevention Net, ensuring the integrity of assets and equipment, as well as the protection of personnel. For the best Dropped Object Prevention system, look no further than Dropsafe.

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