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Case studies

Commercial Roll-Out: The Dropsafe Barrier

The Dropsafe Barrier system installed on a flagship drill ship, thus mitigating the threat of Dropped Objects to personnel safety and protecting the integrity of drillship structures and equipment.

The dynamic environment and wide variety of tools and items used in offshore drilling lends itself to a greater likelihood of dropped object incidents within the industry.

As a result of one major drilling contractor’s drive to create a “Zero Incident” environment and establish a world-class Drops programme, the Dropsafe Barrier was installed on a flagship vessel.

The installation focused on red zones and areas with a greater risk of drops, such as above the drill floor, around the drill pipe deck, along the pipe skate and rise crane walkways, and on transfer decks.

The successful installation of the robust Dropsafe Barrier panels on this flagship drilling vessel was so effective that it has become an integral part of the company’s HSE strategy; the Barrier is now the recommended and preferred solution for dropped object risk mitigation across the entire fleet.