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Dropsafe Partner with Absolute Tech to Expand Asia Pacific Distribution Network


Distribution partnership with Singapore’s Absolute Tech to facilitate adoption of dropped objects prevention solutions by firms across the region.

Singapore, July 11 2018 – Dropsafe, a leading provider of dropped objects prevention technology for the global Oil & Gas markets, has signed a new distribution agreement with Absolute Tech, a Singapore-based supplier of innovative technical products to the offshore energy, refinery and marine sectors.

The agreement will significantly expand Dropsafe’s distribution and service network in the Asia Pacific region, enabling users of its advanced mesh safety nets and barriers to benefit from reduced delivery times and enhanced technical support.

With the Oil & Gas industry starting to recover from a global downturn, albeit slowly, offshore energy vessels that have been stacked for a number of years in ports across Asia are starting to go back to work. In this context, it is more important than ever to ensure dropped object hazards on these vessels and platforms are comprehensively mitigated.

A dropped object is any item or object that has the potential to fall from height, with recognized hazards ranging from overhead electrical fixtures to handheld devices, unsecured tools, loose items and structural components. For offshore assets, the main factors known to increase the likelihood of dropped object incidents are corrosion – sustained either during routine operation or throughout prolonged periods of inactivity – along with impact, vibration, and human error.

With over half of all recorded dropped objects in the Oil & Gas sector falling from heights of more than five meters, the safety risk to personnel is clear – while these incidents also pose significant financial, reputational and legal risks to management teams, which may be particularly damaging in the current industry climate.

Dropsafe’s partnership with Absolute Tech will give operations managers and HSE teams in Singapore and across Southeast Asia enhanced access to a range of turnkey products engineered to tackle the challenge posed by dropped objects on site.

This offering includes the Dropsafe Net, an instant safety solution that uses patented mesh technology to secure and tether overhead fixtures and has swiftly become the global industry standard in the onshore and offshore Oil & Gas sectors. It also includes the newly-launchedDropsafe Barrier, an innovative barrier system for permanent or temporary applications that prevents tools and equipment falling through open guard railing and stairways, or from elevated work platforms.

“As Oil & Gas activity ramps up across the region, staying on top of the risks posed by dropped objects during this transitional phase is particularly critical,” said Mike Rice, Commercial Director at Dropsafe. “So too is the ability to quickly mobilize assets and ensure that they are ready to re-enter service in a safe manner.”

“Our agreement with Absolute, strategically based out of Singapore, means that we are well-placed to respond rapidly to growing demand from existing and new clients across Southeast Asia. It will bolster our distribution and support networks and ensure that our robust dropped objects prevention solutions remain readily available, both in this key Oil & Gas market, and across other industries.”


About Absolute Tech

 Strategically located in Singapore, Absolute Tech is Asia-Pacific’s preferred innovation-driven solutions provider. With over 10 years’ experience in providing products and integrated services to the Oil, Gas, Marine, Shipbuilding and Aviation industries plus the Commercial Building and Industrial sectors, Absolute Tech is a young and dynamic company committed to delivering innovative solutions by fulfilling their client’s needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. To find out more, visit: