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Press releases

Dropsafe at the International WorkBoat Show 2017

“Let the Good Times Roll” – When the Dropsafe® team were asked what the primary sentiment was at the recently completed International Workboat Show in New Orleans, they responded with a typical sentiment in the local language, “Laissez les bon temps rouler”, or “Let the good times roll”. There was an increased sense of optimism amongst the attendees, especially those connected directly with the oil and gas industry. As onshore and offshore rig counts are up and many local workboat operators are emerging from Chapter 11 status stronger and leaner, there is evidence to support this sentiment. However, with prolonged downturns, asset maintenance is always put under pressure as owners do all they can to survive, and this was recognised by the organisers by having a “Maintenance & Repair Day”.

Like maintenance, investments in safety and risk prevention also come under pressure when budgets are tight and it is hard to see the benefits from seemingly intangible investments. After nearly three years of reduced investment in the marine industry, the cuts in maintenance and safety budgets now have to stop before they have a permanent impact on asset integrity or people’s lives. Dropped Object prevention is one area of safety that suffers not only in lean times however. Although the Oil and Gas industry understands the risks to personnel, assets and operational continuity, it was observed by the Dropsafe team that there is still a general lack of awareness in the general maritime industry. Conversations with over one hundred people on the Dropsafe stand reinforced this dichotomy.

Dropsafe Work Boat Show
L to R: Michael Rice (Dropsafe Business Development), Gareth Warne (Dropsafe Sales, Marketing & Operations), Brady Moore (GESCO Sales Manager)


Dropsafe has always strived to provide simple, innovative and cost-effective solutions to the problems marine personnel face from Dropped Objects. With the introduction of the Dropsafe BarrierTM, Dropsafe now provides a solution for objects falling through open railings or guard rails that has applications across all industries. The Dropsafe Barrier can be applied to the brows and gangways of merchant ships or workboats just as easily as to the walkways on an offshore rig. The applications stretch onshore as well by preventing dropped and falling objects in industrial or construction spaces like shipyards, fabrication plants and other commercial spaces where tools and construction is performed at height. One leading offshore professional was overheard to say: “Drop prevention strategy is critical for all oil and gas companies. If there is a problem then a solution will be found, but I understand that there are good and bad solutions. The new Dropsafe Barrier is one of the best solutions to preventing dropped objects through guard rails.”

The International Workboat Show is one of those events that signifies the end of another year and the beginning of the festive season.  Dropsafe would like to thank all who visited the stand and shared the issues that they face in trying to keep their personnel safe in the financially tough times. As the market emerges from this prolonged depression, Dropsafe echoes the sentiment of “letting the good times roll”, while keeping your personnel and assets safe from dropped and falling objects.

Dropsafe Barrier

The Dropsafe Barrier was developed in a direct response to the issue of objects dropping through guardrails. These patented safety devices quickly and easily secure to stanchions to create a simple but effective barrier to objects falling through guardrails or ricocheting horizontally when striking an object. Dropsafe Barriers are an instant safety solution for use onshore and offshore, wherever there are railings protecting working or transit spaces.

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