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Press releases

Dropsafe has returned from The International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans

Dropsafe has returned from The International Workboat Show in New Orleans more motivated than ever to continue offering simple, innovative and cost effective solutions to the ever present risk to seafarers from Dropped Objects. Despite the hard economic times in the oil&gas industry directly impacting workboat operators worldwide, Dropsafe felt that the awareness of the importance of safety was as high as ever.

With over 100 potential new marine customers having conversations with the Dropsafe team at the show indicates that, despite constrained budgets, operators realise that practical safety makes good economic sense. This sentiment has seen the Dropsafe team already convert 10% of these inquiries in to sales as owners, contractors and managers realise that in tight economic times one needs to separate themselves from the herd. Safe operations at a cost effective price not only protects an owners’ most valuable assets, the crew, but also shows clients that the safe way is the only way for sustainable business.
Workboat operators are not alone in recognising the need to prevent harm to people, equipment and projects from the risk of Dropped Objects as the Dropsafe sales team are seeing steady enquires worldwide from marine companies looking to distinguish themselves. Dropsafe will continue to innovate to provide practical solutions to the marine and offshore sectors. The retentions devices such as the Dropsafe Nets and Dropsafe Pouches will shortly be joined by the Dropsafe Barrier. This is where safety moves from retention to prevention in providing continuous protection from the risks we know and those we do not.

Dropsafe Nets

Dropsafe Nets were developed in a direct response to the issue of dropped objects. These patented safety devices securely enclose and tether overhead fixtures to prevent dropped and falling objects. Simple and effective, Dropsafe Nets are an instant safety solution available for a variety of fixture types.

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