Power Generation

Mitigating Dropped Object threats in the Power Generation industry with versatile, innovative and cost-effective prevention solutions

A Persistent Threat to Routine Operations


Activity at large-scale Power Generation facilities often comes in bursts. Conducting essential routine maintenance, for example, is a substantial undertaking, involving the deployment of specialist technicians, many of whom work at height in the vicinity of critical infrastructure.

During these resource intensive maintenance periods, mitigating the dual risk to personnel and equipment posed by dropped objects from walkways and stairwells is a core concern for plant owners and their maintenance teams.

Dropped Objects at Power Generation sites pose a persistent threat and come in many forms. Fixtures such as lights and cameras can come loose from their brackets due to vibration. Additionally, communication devices and hand-held maintenance tools can be dropped by technicians onto walkways and platforms at height. As a result, they risk being kicked off and falling to the facility floor below.



Mitigating The Risk


Dropsafe works with developers and operators in the Power Generation industry to develop robust and versatile Dropped Object prevention technology without sacrificing value and cost efficiency.

The Dropsafe Barrier, the Dropsafe Net and the Dropsafe Pouch have been engineered to prevent items such as those carried by personnel when working at height from falling and becoming a Dropped Object.

Working directly with facility owners and site managers, Dropsafe also develops custom solutions for mitigating the risk of Dropped Objects, creating bespoke systems to meet market and technology-specific requirements.


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Report: Slipping Through The Cracks

‘Slipping Through The Cracks’ recognises the budgetary limitations of HSE managers and the fact there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to the problem of Dropped Objects, allowing organisations to make effective decisions when buying Drops prevention Barriers.