Tackling the unseen menace of Dropped Objects in the Marine industry worldwide

The Unseen Menace

Vessels operating in the highly corrosive saltwater environment are exposed to high levels of vibration and extreme accelerations. Equipment installed at height above workers, such as floodlights or communications domes can all suffer corrosion to their fittings if not inspected and maintained. They can also be knocked off if struck by a crane, rope or other object.

Consequently, Dropped Objects pose a significant and potentially dangerous risk to vessel crews and technicians, alongside critical equipment and the reputation of Marine businesses.


Dropped Objects in Marine


Mitigating The Risk


Whether in routine shipboard operations, cargo handling in port or in the shipyard, Dropped Object risks need to be understood and taken into account.

The fitting of secondary retention devices like the Dropsafe Net on vulnerable equipment such as lights, speakers and cameras will not prevent an object from coming loose from its fixture, but it will prevent it becoming a Dropped Object by stopping it from falling and avoiding the damaging consequences of a Dropped Object.

In areas where it is common to have personnel working on a level higher than others, the statutory required toe boards and guardrails can be supplemented with barriers such as the Dropsafe Barrier which will reduce the risk of objects falling through gaps.

Working directly with Health and Safety decision makers across the Marine industry Dropsafe develops custom solutions for mitigating the risk of Dropped Objects, with high-quality prevention systems that can be created to meet application-specific requirements and improve on-board safety.


Reducing the risks posed by dropped objects is an important step in the ambition to continually improve the safety performance of our industry.

Demetri Stroubakis, Director, American Bureau of Shipping


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