Working with the industrial sector to advance Dropped Object prevention and understanding

Unseen Long-Term Costs?

The risks posed by Dropped Objects across a wide range of industries are well-established. However, many Industrial companies do not have a Dropped Object prevention programme, and Health and Safety decision makers in the industrial sector still face a shortfall in clear guidance for cost-effective Dropped Object prevention. This often means low-quality prevention methods are used in the Industrial sectors.

This has led to some companies exposing themselves to significant unseen long-term costs in their procurement of health and safety equipment. With low-quality Dropped Object solutions being adopted in many industries, it is important to understand that solutions that may seem cost-effective in the short-term could incur the highest long-term costs.



Mitigating The Risk

Dropsafe’s Dropped Object prevention systems are designed to offer robust, versatile and cost-effective solutions for mitigating on-site risks.

These products, encompassing the Dropsafe Net, the Dropsafe Barrier and the Dropsafe Pouch, alongside a range of custom solutions, are manufactured to the highest standards. They are each backed by significant warranties, thus giving Industrial site operators and Health & Safety decision makers the confidence that they will continue to perform effectively over the long term.

The Dropsafe Net has met our key requirements in that it allows a dramatic improvement in the safety of workplaces. The Net positively enhances our Dropped Object Prevention Program and in doing so, contributes to our overall safety performance, as measured by ourselves and more significantly by our clients.

Tim Marsh, VP QHSE Sapura Energy Berhad


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Report: Slipping Through The Cracks

‘Slipping Through The Cracks’ recognises the budgetary limitations of HSE managers and the fact there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to the problem of Dropped Objects, allowing organisations to make effective decisions when buying Drops prevention Barriers.