Dropsafe Helideck Perimeter Safety Net: Offshore Case Study

Dropsafe Helideck Perimeter Safety Net: Offshore Case Study

The challenge: reducing installation time and improving safety

On offshore assets, the helideck is a key access point. Supplies and personnel are moved via the helideck, and without it, assets cannot function efficiently.

The helideck area is hazardous, however. Drops can occur due to loose objects blown by downdrafts from rotorcraft blades, and personnel may fall over the side. Ensuring a safe and operational helideck ­– and minimising downtime – is vital for operators.

Leading developer, builder and operator of next-generation self-erecting tender rigs EDrill has faced a challenge in bringing its commitment to quality to the area of helideck safety. The business seeks to exceed already strict industry requirements around safety and reliability, but found existing net solutions for helidecks could not satisfy this.

Off the coast of Singapore, where the asset is located, exposure to saltwater, UV radiation, heat and humidity can rapidly corrode lower quality netting. Bird guano can also compromise the structural integrity of solutions. EDrill therefore needed a robust solution able to withstand the harsh conditions offshore for extended periods.

The solution: a new product based on proven best practice

Dropsafe delivered its 316 stainless-steel Dropsafe Helideck Perimeter Safety Net system, which attaches to the perimeter frames of helidecks to protect personnel and objects from falling. The Dropsafe Helideck Perimeter Safety Net exceeds OGUK, CAP437 and all global helideck standards.

Dropsafe provided remote consultancy throughout the process to ensure a seamless installation. The made-to-measure Helideck Perimeter Safety Net was packed and labelled for each specific area, ensuring the installation progressed rapidly. The installation team were able to easily remove the existing solution and fix the Helideck Net with no additional tools, minimising asset downtime.

The result: minimal downtime and enhanced security

“The asset owner can now be confident that the asset helideck is safe and Drops secure, with a solution in place which will protect their personnel for 25 years. This installation of the Dropsafe Helideck Perimeter Safety Net is covered by warranty for 10 years, ensuring long-term peace of mind for the operator.

To find out more about the Dropsafe Helideck Perimeter Safety Net, please visit this link or get in touch at info@dropsafe.com