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Dropsafe Helideck Perimeter Safety Net


The Dropsafe Perimeter Safety Net attaches to the existing outer frame of the helideck, preventing equipment and personnel from falling. Made from marine-grade stainless steel and with up to 25-year service life, the Dropsafe Perimeter Safety Net is suitable for helidecks in any environment.

How the Dropsafe Helideck Net Works


Perimeter Safety Nets are mandatory on all helidecks, and the Dropsafe Perimeter Safety Net has been designed to exceed all global standards.

On a helideck there are many factors that can create hazardous situations, such as high winds, helicopter downdraft and extreme weather conditions. Operational safety and the safe movement of personnel are paramount.

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) or equipment can also present potential dynamic DROPS hazards if not secured. The Dropsafe Perimeter Safety Net protects both personnel and debris from falling off the helideck.

The Dropsafe Perimeter Safety Net system and components are made of the highest quality, marine-grade Japanese stainless steel, to provide a durable and robust solution, which can withstand the harshest offshore environments.

The patented system has been designed to be quickly and easily installed to the existing perimeter frame of any helideck, minimizing logistical downtime.

The Dropsafe Perimeter Safety Net design allows it to be installed, inspected and tested by the customer or a third party, with free online training and technical support available.

With up to a 25-year service life, backed by a 10-year warranty, combined with easy installation and inspection, makes the Dropsafe Perimeter Safety Net a high-safety solution with a low-cost of ownership.

  • Benefits

  • Features

  • Instant safety solution
  • SUS/AISI 316 stainless steel wire & components
  • Fast & easy installation, minimizing helideck downtime
  • Exceeds OGUK, CAP437 & all global helideck standards
  • Online training enables self-installation and inspection
  • Up to 25-year service life, backed by 10-year warranty
  • Low-cost of ownership
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Fully recyclable
  • Made-to-measure specifically for each helideck

Fixture types

Oil & Gas Rigs, Drill Ships & FPSOs
Offshore Production & Accommodation Platforms
Seismic, Cable Laying & Support Vessels
Military / Defense
Fire & Emergency Services / Search & Rescue

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