2021 round-up: A year of Drops prevention progress

2021 round-up: A year of Drops prevention progress

Drops prevention is an ever-present, dynamic challenge, which must continuously evolve to keep pace with industry requirements. In 2021, Dropsafe launched two exciting new Drops prevention solutions to support operators – a net tackling Drops incidents on helidecks, and an updated Dropsafe Net. Alongside this, Dropsafe expanded its ongoing Drops prevention education campaign, with a particular focus on Power Generation.


Product innovation in Drops prevention last year

Tackling Drops on helidecks

Perimeter Safety Nets are mandatory on all helidecks, and according to Control Union Industrial Inspections, the helideck is the primary point of access for offshore assets.

Due to growing industry demand, Dropsafe launched the Helideck Perimeter Net in March, which prevents objects from falling or being blown off the sides of helidecks. Drawing on extensive R&D and expertise tackling offshore Drops, the Dropsafe Perimeter Net helps mitigate Drops around the helideck and keeps these vital lifelines operational. Vertical Magazine covered the full story here.

Despite the need for a long-term solution, issues with quality and lead time for helideck perimeter safety nets are common. To counter this, Dropsafe undertook a substantial R&D process considering what operators require when upgrading their helideck safety solution. Click here to learn more about what goes into the design of a novel Drops prevention product.

Leaving no stone unturned to further Drops prevention

Even today’s most advanced Drops prevention solutions can always be improved. Dropsafe identified a key opportunity to tackle human error, one of the biggest causes of Drops, with an updated iteration of its Dropsafe Net. To reduce human error, Dropsafe found that a carabiner designed for Drops prevention was needed. Dropsafe therefore created the Dropsafe TrisafeTM carabiner, refocusing on this crucial component of Drops prevention solutions.

Furthermore, digital integration is another increasingly common trend in Drops prevention, and one that looks set to accelerate in future. Adam Gibson at OES explained the importance of a shift towards digitally enabled asset management. For these reasons, the latest iteration of the Dropsafe Net adds an extra layer of security to the proven original, with a triple action, auto locking carabiner and RFID-enabled choke plate.


Shaping Drops prevention best practice – and sharing it

While engineered solutions are critical, a key component of Drops prevention is awareness. Dropsafe firmly believes that information on Drops should be freely accessible, so that best practice can be transferred from industry to industry, from region to region, and facility to facility. Dropped objects do not recognise borders, and neither should Drops prevention.

Global Drops prevention highlights

China, with its strong and growing industrial base, is already a key centre for Drops prevention. ‘Can Falling Object Nets be China’s Answer to Workplace Hazards?’, highlights key challenges in this crucial market and outlines the solutions available to help mitigate Drops risks. As the market’s approach to Drops prevention matures, it will also need to tackle the risks of counterfeit Drops prevention equipment.

In Australia, there have been significant shifts in recent years in the approach taken to Drop in key sectors such as mining. Joe Hischar, Managing Director of long-time Dropsafe partner Teksal Safety, discussed Drops prevention in Australia, and the importance of building a Drops prevention culture beyond the traditional stronghold sectors in energy, in this piece.

Building Drops prevention awareness in power generation

Dropsafe has identified Power Generation as a market in which Drops prevention approaches need to evolve to mitigate risks to personnel, equipment, finances and reputation. The sector’s large facilities and staggered, personnel heavy maintenance schedules lead to heightened Drops risks, making it a key area of focus for Drops prevention professionals.

One obstacle to the wider adoption of best practice Drops prevention in Power Generation is a lack of awareness. Dropsafe is therefore creating ‘Empowering Drops Prevention: A Dropsafe Handbook’, in order to share best practice for Drops prevention in the sector and provide practical guidance to facility managers as they tackle Drops.

The handbook identifies the risks that Drops pose to the sector, and outlines additional detail around mitigating Drops in Power Generation facilities. It then explores the role and correct use of Drops prevention Barriers in Power Generation, before laying out best practice tool tethering for Power Generation facilities.


Looking ahead to 2022

In the year ahead, Drops prevention is set to expand in industries such as O&G, Power Generation and mining as awareness of cost-effective, best practice Drops prevention grows globally. Dropsafe is proud to play a leading role in both advancing Drops prevention technology, and developing Drops prevention best practice.

With an exciting product launch early in 2022, and further informative content to follow, Dropsafe looks forward to sharing additional news and insights with you in the next 12 months to empower businesses as they take the initiative on this critical area of workplace safety.

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