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Empowering Drops Prevention: Drops in the Power Sector

This first chapter of the Power Generation handbook looks at the frequency and impact of dropped objects in the Power Gen Sector and how to create a safer worksite.

Power Generation is turning a corner. As the sector looks to bolster its approach to safety, operators of facilities such as coal, gas, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants are driving significant improvements in tackling Dropped Objects. The risks are now better understood, and knowledge of Drops prevention best practice is increasingly taking root.

Drops prevention is not yet ingrained across the board, however. For example, contractors arriving on site during busy ‘turnarounds’ may have differing levels of ‘Drops’ training. HSE and plant managers need to be able to apply and incentivise common standards.

Click here to read about the knowledge and awareness of Dropped Objects within Power Generation, and how, through education, Power Gen attitudes can change and evolve.