Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: Dropsafe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are intended for general information purposes only. Dropsafe Instructions and Terms and Conditions supplied with each Dropsafe product must be adhered to at all times. If you require any further information contact us at

1. Is the Dropsafe Net a one size fits all solution?

No, we have a range of more than 50 Dropsafe Nets designed specifically to suit different fixtures and mounting configurations. Each Dropsafe Net model is designed and tested to a specifi­c Safe Working Load (SWL) and to ­fit a speci­fic ­fixture shape, size, and mounting configuration. If you need assistance selecting the correct product please contact us at

2. How do I select the correct Dropsafe Net for the fixture I want to secure?

Email us at or visit the customer resources section of our website to request a Product Guide or access the Online Product selector and follow the instructions to select the correct Dropsafe product.

3. What are Dropsafe Nets made of?

The Dropsafe Nets are made of SUS/AISI 316 stainless steel wire rope and components.

4. What is the mesh aperture size?

The mesh aperture size varies between Dropsafe Net models. The Nets have been designed to retain the fixture itself as well as larger fixture components such as reflectors, globe protectors, fairings, access panels etc.

5. Are Dropsafe Nets tested and certified?

All models of the Dropsafe Nets are 3rd party tested by SGS, a world-leading certification company. The products are designed, tested and certified to five times (5X) the product Safe Working Load (SWL).

6. Do Dropsafe products come with a warranty, if so how long is the warranty period for?

Yes, all Dropsafe Nets come with a warranty, the warranty period starts from the date of purchase. Products purchased prior to December 2013 were covered by a 24 month warranty and all products purchased after that date are covered by a 36 month warranty. The Dropsafe Nets should be replaced after the warranty expiration date. In all circumstances the product must be retired immediately if there is any sign of corrosion or degradation.

7. What load can a Dropsafe Net withstand?

Dropsafe Nets are designed to withstand five times (5x) the stated product Safe Working Load (SWL). Different model numbers have different SWLs, please consult the fixture manufactures technical data sheet for the weight of the fixture you want to secure and ensure the fixture weight does not exceed the stated SWL for the product.

8. Can I make any alterations to the Dropsafe Net? I.e. change the securing cable, carabiner or remove the choke plate?

No. Under no circumstances can modifications of any kind be made on any component of a Dropsafe Net. Any modification to the product will void the warranty.

9. How do we secure the fixture mounting brackets?

When using this product to secure a fi­xture and the ­fixture’s mounting bracket, ensure the mounting bracket can be separately and safely retained by the securing cable. In all cases ensure the product’s SWL is not exceeded and the product fitting instructions can be adhered to. Under NO circumstances is the Net is to be used to secure the mounting bracket. If the mounting bracket cannot be safely secured with the securing cable use a separate safety solution for the mounting bracket.

10. Is the Dropsafe Net a permanent or temporary solution?

Dropsafe Nets are designed as a permanent solution during the warranty life of the product. The product must be retired immediately if the product shows any sign of corrosion or degradation.

11. What can happen if there are stray electrical currents in the same area where Nets are installed?

Stray electrical currents can cause stray current corrosion. Stray electrical currents can typically occur in the moon pool or similar wet areas of a facility. If you find Nets with any corrosion or degradation during inspection in wet areas, remove and retire the products immediately. The cause of corrosion on the Nets in these locations is most likely caused by stray currents; this problem needs to be rectified before any new Nets are reinstalled.

12. Do Dropsafe Nets require inspection once installed?

Yes, inspect the Dropsafe product 24 hours after installation. Inspect weekly thereafter, and incorporate into your company’s Dropped Objects Prevention Program.  If the product is attached to a moving fi­xture (e.g. pivoting lights on crane booms) a visual inspection must be carried out at the beginning of each shift.  Follow the instructions in the Dropsafe Inspection Guide supplied with the product at all times.

13. Since Dropsafe Nets are made of SUS316 stainless steel, is it resistant to corrosion?

Dropsafe Nets are made of high quality SUS316 Japanese stainless steel. SUS316 grade stainless steel has the highest level of corrosion resistance of any commercially available stainless steel grade and is typically the material of choice for marine applications. Long-term exposure to salt spray, humidity, heat and man-made localised environmental conditions can cause corrosion and material degradation over time. It is for this reason that the Net should be replaced 36 months after the date of purchase or before if the product shows any sign of corrosion or degradation.

14. Is there a prescribed maintenance routine for Dropsafe Nets?

If the Net is used in a corrosive environment it must be washed down with fresh water on a regular basis. Retire the product immediately if the product shows any sign of corrosion or degradation.

15. Can we use Dropsafe Nets on our facility after its warranty expires?

It is not recommended to use Dropsafe Nets after warranty expiration. If the customer continues to use Dropsafe Nets past the warranty expiration date or when the net shows any sign of corrosion or degradation before that date, they do so entirely at their own risk.

16. During installation, where and how will I secure the Net if there is no structural attaching point above where the fixture is installed?

It is highly preferred to attach the securing cable to a structural attaching point located vertically above the location of the choke plate once the Net is fitted to the fixture. If the attachment point is leading way horizontally or vertically below the location of the choke plate, then you MUST ensure the securing cable can be attached to a secure attachment point at a distance no greater than 30 cm (12”) from the choke plate of the Net, this is without exception. A structural attachment point must be able to withstand at least 5x the product SWL. It is important that at all times you follow the instructions provided with the product.

17. Do you provide Test Certificates for each Dropsafe product?

Each Dropsafe product comes with a Test Certificate referencing the assembled product and component tests.