Frequently Asked Questions

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No, we have a range of more than 100+ sizes of Nets specifically designed to suit different fixtures. If you can't find a Net to fit your fixture, we can create custom Nets to suit your specifications.
You can download the Dropsafe Product Guide from the Resources Centre. Alternatively, you can contact Dropsafe or your nearest distributor for assistance.
The Dropsafe Nets and components are made of 100% SUS/AISI 316 stainless steel. SUS 316 stainless steel has the highest level of corrosion resistance of any commercially available stainless steel grade and is typically the material of choice for marine applications.
All models of the Dropsafe Nets are tested by SGS & ABS, world-leading certification companies. The products are designed, tested and certified to five times (5x) the product Safe Working Load (SWL).
Yes, all Dropsafe Nets come with a warranty, the warranty period starts from the date of purchase. All Nets are covered by a 36 month warranty. The Dropsafe Nets should be replaced after the warranty expiration date. In all circumstances the product must be retired immediately if there is any sign of corrosion or degradation.
Dropsafe Nets are designed to withstand five times (5x) the stated product Safe Working Load (SWL). Different model numbers have different SWLs, so please consult the Dropsafe Product Guide for more information.
No. Under no circumstances can modifications of any kind be made on any component of a Dropsafe Net. Any modification to the product will void the warranty.
Yes, inspect the Dropsafe product 24 hours after installation. Inspect weekly thereafter, and incorporate into your company’s Dropped Objects Prevention Program. If the product is attached to a moving fi­xture (e.g. pivoting lights on crane booms) a visual inspection must be carried out at the beginning of each shift. There is a video to show how to properly inspect the Dropsafe Net on the previous page.
Each Dropsafe product comes with a Test Certificate referencing the assembled product and component tests.