Frequently Asked Questions

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The Dropsafe Barrier is a barrier system that attaches to the inside of guardrailing on elevated walkways, stairways and platforms, or under stairways. When installed, the barrier closes off openings and gaps to prevent objects dropping from height.
Both. The Dropsafe Barrier is designed to be easily installed and removed, making it ideal for temporary installs during turnaround or maintenance periods, or as a full time safety solution.
Guardrailing varies by facility, therefore Dropsafe requires basic information in order to provide the right components. Contact Dropsafe or your local distributor for full details of how to place an order.
Each delivery is packed and labelled separately for each installation area, according to the information that you have provided us.
When you order the Barrier system, you will receive a set of physical instructions, together with a link to our online training that is specific to your installation requirements.
The Barrier system has been designed for easy installation with minimal tools. At most, an installation requires a tape measure, screwdriver, push saw, file and side cutters.
The Barrier system and all components have been 3rd party tested. The system testing has been verified by an independent TQ (Technology Qualification) assessment carried out by DNV.
The Barrier system has been designed and tested to withstand a category 5 hurricane - 250 kmh / 155 mph winds.
The Barrier system has been designed and tested to a +60°C / 140°F and -20°C / -4°F. Crazing and/or embrittlement may occur if the Barrier components are exposed to excessive temperatures.
The Barrier system has been designed and tested to withstand an impact of 5kg @ 5m/s, the equivalent of a 5kg sledge hammer head coming loose mid-swing.
The Barrier system is made of specially selected polymers to meet the operational requirements it was designed for. The Securing dDevice that attaches the Barrier panels to the guardrailing uses an integrated SUS 316 securing band which is also polymer coated.
The Barrier materials and components are designed to meet UL V1 fire rating.
The Barrier panels come in large and small sizes. The large panel is for standard installations, primarily consisting of straight guardrailing. The small panel is used in areas that require the panel to be bent around corners. The small panel can flex to a radius of 35cm. The small panel is also designed to be installed under stairs to prevent dropped objects from falling through stairways.
Dropsafe Barrier Panels should be replaced 60 months (5 years) after the date of purchase, or before, if the product is damaged or shows signs of degradation. Where the customer continues to use the product after that date and/or when damage or degradation is evident before that date, the customer does so entirely at their own risk and, in such circumstances, Dropsafe expressly excludes any and all liability howsoever arising in respect of the product to the fullest extent permitted by law.
Yes. Each Dropsafe product comes with a Test Certificate for the products’ components.