Dropsafe Barrier


The Dropsafe Barrier is a robust and versatile modular safety barrier system for the prevention of Dropped Object incidents. To see the versatility of the Dropsafe Barrier System, check out our Case Studies.

How the Dropsafe Barrier solution works


When work is taking place at height, items such as tools, hard hats, two-way radios and maintenance equipment can fall through open guardrailing, stairways and elevated work platforms.

The Dropsafe Barrier is a modular barrier system, consisting of impact and heat-resistant panels, with small a honeycomb aperture.


The versatile dropped object barrier solution attaches along the inside of the guardrailing of elevated walkways, stairways and access ways of permanent or temporary structures, using a universal attaching system. In doing so, the Dropsafe Barrier is a safe barrier solution that prevents loose items slipping through cracks and falling from height.

Click here to read a number of Case Studies showcasing the versatility of the Dropsafe Barrier System.

The Dropsafe Barrier is reccommended by both DROPS online and SfS as Drops Prevention best practice.


  • Benefits

  • Features

  • Instant safety solution compliant with relevant standards
  • High impact resistance
  • Fast & easy installation with minimal tools
  • Small mesh aperture
  • Fully tested & certified
  • Designed for high winds
  • Closes gap in human error
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Fully recyclable
  • Achieved ABS DOPP+ Type Approval

Installation locations

Wind turbine nacelle
Conveyor walkway
Back scratchers
Storage areas
Machine guards
Cherry pickers
Storage tanks

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    Report: Slipping Through The Cracks

    ‘Slipping Through The Cracks’ recognises the budgetary limitations of HSE managers and the fact there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to the problem of Dropped Objects, allowing organisations to make effective decisions when buying Drops prevention Barriers.