Reducing our carbon footprint

We are working continuously to reduce our carbon footprint, throughout manufacturing, operations, shipping and our supply chain

We recognise the importance of working together with the suppliers in our global supply chain towards a sustainable and successful future

Simplifying Our Supply Chain

As leaders in the safety space, Dropsafe products are used worldwide by more than 300 leading businesses in more than 50 countries and territories. We understand that a global presence can bring an increased carbon footprint and seek to manage this impact by working intelligently with our distributors and supply chain partners.

Our distributor network

While our Head Office and company-owned factory are based in Asia, we have built – and continue to expand – our global distribution network. The reach and relationships this network offers allow us to supply distributors rather than directly to customers. These distributors commit to larger orders, helping us reduce the number of shipments we make, whilst enabling customers to find a distributor that is local to them. This benefits our customer relationships and, rather than shipping products directly from Asia, gives both us and our partners the opportunity to be smarter and more environmentally conscious in delivery of our products to where they are needed.

Like-minded suppliers

We make sure that we use only the highest quality materials in our safety solutions, yet we are working with our key suppliers to embed sustainable practices. Emissions reduction is a key target, which can be achieved in part by engaging with suppliers who are close geographically to our factory, and whose environmental aims align with our own.

We believe that we can achieve Net Zero emissions while continuing to drive vital improvements in worksite safety around the world

Aiming for Net Zero

We are committed to significantly reducing our carbon output throughout our operations and production. This is a new target for Dropsafe and we are working to formalise objectives that will move us closer to the end goal of achieving ‘Net Zero’, while continuing to deliver improvements to global workplace safety.

We want to be a safety company that businesses are proud to work with. We want our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint to be upfront with our dedication to personnel safety. We want to be a company trusted and valued by those who partner with us, as well as our employees and distributors. While it will be an uphill journey at first, we know that we have the experience, expertise and energy to create this change within Dropsafe.

We recognise our responsibility to play a role in local community action to tackle environmental issues

Supporting Local Communities

Reducing our own carbon footprint is a core priority, but we also understand that we can play a positive role in our community by supporting local environmental and sustainability efforts.

At Dropsafe, we underwent our first beach cleanup in 2010 with our sister company Pacsafe. While many people say that beach cleanups tackle the symptom rather than solve the problem, we have found that not only is it a positive impact to help our local beaches look the way they should, it is also a great community and team building exercise, and is something that we are passionate about. That’s why we continue to do them in Hong Kong on an annual basis.

The teamwork aspect of beach cleanups is undeniable. We come together to fix something that looks like an impossible task at the start of the day. Yet, at the end, the physical results are clear. By working together we figure out how to do things better, bond over the problem and revel in the solution. The more we can work together on initiatives like this, the better equipped we are to look into more wide environmental issues, and ensure we, as a company, are on the right path.