Championing equality

We believe in equal opportunity and upholding the highest ethical standards

There is no place in Dropsafe for discrimination or injustice of any kind. We are proud of the diversity of our people and the huge contribution they make to the company

Protecting equal rights

Equality is a cornerstone of the Dropsafe ethos. We understand the vital role this plays in maintaining our position as a respected and inclusive company. Equality is a guiding principle in how we build our teams and create a company that is the right fit for everyone in it. While our roles differ, we are all equal, deserved to be treated such, and help to make Dropsafe a company to be proud of.

The Dropsafe equality pledge is that everyone is treated as an equal. Similarly, all employees are responsible for treating colleagues and others with the dignity and respect they deserve. Any employee who cannot or does not abide by these expectations are not a welcome part of our team.

Dropsafe strives to always provide an environment where everyone can bring their true selves and achieve their full potential

Promoting equal opportunity

Every day we strive to foster an environment where all employees feel valued, able to nurture, explore and grow their talent, both as individuals and part of a collaborative, diverse team.

Dropsafe believes whole-heartedly in a diverse and inclusive working space, both in our office and our factory. We want to allow, encourage and enable people to be their true selves and celebrate their individuality.

At Dropsafe, we want people to apply themselves and develop additional skills and knowledge in a place where employees are not afraid to ask questions, increase their knowledge and grow as people and professionals.

All members of staff should be able to come to work in an environment where they feel safe, valued and respected

Fostering respect

We are taking positive steps to maintain an environment where everyone – our employees, customers, partners and suppliers – feels valued, respected and has a strong sense of belonging. We want Dropsafe to be a place where everyone is equal and everyone deserves to be treated thus.

Dropsafe has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to harassment of any kind. Any inappropriate remarks or creating a hostile, unwelcoming or intimidating workplace is wholly unacceptable.

Similarly, we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind based on race, gender, beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or any other characteristic that makes our team a diverse and accepting group.