Dropsafe X MSS: dropped object prevention solutions in Norway

Dropsafe X MSS: dropped object prevention solutions in Norway

Dropsafe’s partnership with Norwegian distributor Module Solutions and Systems (MSS) will enable increased adoption of Drops prevention solutions in a crucial market


Norway, 7th November 2019

Dropsafe, the leading provider of Dropped Objects (Drops) prevention in the global Oil & Gas and offshore wind markets, has signed a new distribution agreement with MSS, an innovative provider of modular walkways and HSE solutions, specialising in environmentally friendly products based on the best in class technologies.

The partnership will facilitate a significant extension of Dropsafe’s distribution and service network in Norway, allowing users of its advanced Dropsafe Barrier system, Nets and Pouches to benefit from reduced delivery times and increased technical support.

Norway has long been a key market for Oil & Gas. Further penetration of Dropsafe’s products into this market will provide opportunities for HSE managers to easily access leading Drops prevention solutions. Norway also has the potential to be an important offshore wind energy market, and, although this development is to be welcomed, it is accompanied by new risks. It is therefore vital that the sector follows O&G in adopting Drops prevention best practice.

A Dropped Object is any object that falls from height. Drops can take the form of ‘static’ Drops, where objects fall owing to gravity alone, or ‘dynamic’ drops, where objects fall from height owing to externally applied force. Both the O&G and offshore wind sectors present multiple Drops risks, with personnel transfers from vessels, engineers and other personnel routinely carrying out maintenance operations across different levels, and component exposure to severe conditions at sea – weakening structural components and light fittings due to corrosion and vibration.

It is vital that wind farm owners take proactive steps to mitigate Drops risks. Statistics from G+, the global HSE organisation for offshore wind, show that 22% of Drops incidents in 2018 resulted in injuries to personnel. As the industry grows, so does the risk of a potentially fatal incident. Installing cost-effective solutions such as Dropsafe’s advanced polymer Barrier dramatically reduces the risk of financial and reputational damage for firms seeking to maintain a competitive edge.

MSS has chosen to distribute Dropsafe’s entire range of products. This includes the Dropsafe Barrier, an innovative and cost-effective barrier system which prevents Drops falling through gaps in railings on walkways, stairwells and elevated working platforms.

Dropsafe also produces the Dropsafe Net, custom fit stainless-steel mesh, which encases fixtures and components at risk of corrosion and subsequent dislodgment, and the Dropsafe Pouch, used to secure tools and equipment to personnel during operations.

Morten Alstadsæther, Managing Director of MSS, said: “We are excited to offer the full range of Dropsafe’s products. Our business is based on the trust of our clients, and we earn this by providing the best solutions available in the global market. This partnership with Dropsafe is based on our shared values of quality and innovation, and a shared understanding of the needs of both the Oil & Gas and offshore wind sectors.”

Mike Rice, Commercial Director, Dropsafe, added: “Norway’s Oil & Gas and offshore Wind industries are keenly aware of the risks Dropped Objects pose during operations. Our agreement with MSS will ensure that our distribution and support network in the Norwegian market is able to keep up with increased demand for our products, maintaining maximum responsiveness to client needs and ensuring that Drops prevention solutions are readily available in this key market.”