Dropsafe unveils new Net design to tackle human error

Dropsafe unveils new Net design to tackle human error

The New Dropsafe Net adds an extra layer of security to proven original, with triple action, auto locking carabiner and RFID-enabled choke plate


Hong Kong, 13th September

Dropsafe have launched a new upgraded version of their steel wire mesh Net, adding an enhanced layer of security and traceability to an essential piece of safety equipment. The new range of Nets is a game changer for operators in industries such as oil and gas, power generation and mining, enabling them to further reduce the risk of human error.

Safety Securing is a vital aspect of dropped object prevention programmes on industrial facilities globally. At these sites, fixtures such as lights and cameras may loosen due to corrosion or impacts, then fall and strike personnel or equipment. In one recent incident highlighted by IMCA earlier this year, a 6kg (13.2lbs) floodlight dropped 4.5m (14′ 7″) due to corrosion. The deterioration had been hidden by paintwork, and no secondary retention solution was in place. Drops prevention nets enclose and tether objects at height to a secure attachment point, mitigating these Drops risks and the threats they pose to personnel, equipment, finances, and reputation.

Dropsafe Nets have been supplied to over 300 leading energy businesses worldwide and have now become the accepted best practice method for secondary securing in diverse industrial sectors. Feedback from these users directly informed the new Net design. This retains all the core features – including high-quality stainless steel construction, a wide range of sizes, and tool-free installation – while building in an extra level of security.

A particular focus of the R&D programme was the carabiner, a standard component accepted as a matter of course in many industries. Dropsafe found room for improvement, however, particularly as standard carabiners may not be specifically designed for the unique technical and usability requirements of Drops prevention or use in harsh operational environments such as offshore energy installations.

This critical approach resulted in the design of the Trisafe™ Carabiner, a reimagined carabiner that provides extra security with its innovative ‘triple action’ mechanism to prevent accidental opening.

Restricted dexterity is another key challenge faced by personnel in offshore environments, due to cold weather and bulky protective gloves. To support personnel in the installation of secondary securing solutions, the Trisafe™ Carabiner incorporates an auto locking spring to enable easy one-handed use and significantly reduce human error, even in cold, wet, and windy conditions.

 Best practice Drops prevention increasingly makes extensive use of data-based safety management systems to track and authenticate solutions. To future proof operators’ investments, the new Dropsafe Net includes an updated Choke Plate with an embedded RFID chip. This digital integration provides safety teams with increased visibility of their Nets, enabling installations and inspections to be logged and verified digitally.

Allen Smith, from DROPS global, commented: “Dropsafe, like many other members of the DROPS initiative, actively respond to user feedback from the working environment. These latest developments to their portfolio illustrate attention to the detail of DROPS Reliable Securing principles in addressing robust product fastenings for dynamic working environments. The upgrade to the net system incorporates features that will inspire similar advancements in equipment and tool design, particularly where these are installed or used at height.”

Mike Rice, Dropsafe Commercial Director, concluded: “At Dropsafe, our culture is to look critically at accepted best practice, as this can lead to game changing innovations with wide-ranging applications. At the same time, we recognised the need to retain the quality and long-term cost-effectiveness which made the Dropsafe Net an industry leading solution.

“By reimagining the carabiner for harsh industrial environments, we were able to build in extra safety and useability at no additional cost to the customer. With the RFID tag, we are giving users the means to make significant efficiency gains in the deployment and maintenance of their essential safety assets.”


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