Dropped object prevention tech for Caribbean oil & gas market

Dropped object prevention tech for Caribbean oil & gas market

Deal with Target Solutions Limited in Trinidad & Tobago broadens access to best practice Dropped Object (Drops) prevention solutions

Global leader in Dropped Object (Drops) prevention, Dropsafe, has confirmed a regional distribution deal to increase its reach in the Caribbean.

The supply deal has been signed with Target Solutions Limited, a leading provider of safety solutions for the industries in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider region.

The deal comes at a critical time for the developing O&G industry in the Caribbean. Hydrocarbon discoveries are leading O&G operators to rapidly build out exploration and production infrastructure, mobilising many personnel to assist in construction and operation of assets. Maintaining this momentum demands a responsible approach to tackling core risks to personnel and business resilience.

These risks include the established threat posed by Drops to personnel working on- and offshore. Access to robust Drops prevention solutions and Falling Objects safety is crucial for firms seeking to meet international standards for safe operation in the Caribbean region.

Mike Rice, Commercial Director, Dropsafe, said: “We are proud to work with Target Solutions Limited, one of the most well-connected, experienced and reliable providers in the region, to expand access to best practice Drops prevention systems. It’s critical for firms in this growing market to reduce their exposure now to prevalent risks like Drops, while managing their long-term HSE expenditure.”

The common root causes of Drops for asset owners and operators in the Caribbean include heat, humidity, saltwater and strong UV radiation, which can quickly compromise the structural integrity of offshore structures through corrosion of metal and rubber. Without secondary securing solutions such as the Dropsafe Net installed, these factors may lead to objects such as cameras, loudspeakers and lights coming loose and falling from their fixtures, potentially striking personnel and assets below.

Personnel ascending structures and working at height may also inadvertently create Drops hazards if they do not use appropriate tethering systems for handheld tools, such as Dropsafe’s steel wire Pouch.

A further need for robust Drops prevention technology stems from the Caribbean’s annual hurricane season. These supply deals will see firms in the region benefit from reduced delivery times for products such as the Dropsafe Barrier – which affixes to guard railings to prevent objects being knocked through gaps in raised walkways and stairs – and is engineered to withstand high wind speeds and forceful debris impacts.

Rick Corbin, Safety Director, Target Solutions Limited, said: “Our company was founded on the values of integrity and excellent service, and we have been championing safety best practice in Trinidad since our inception. In Dropsafe, we recognised that these values underpinned their conduct as well, making them a natural partner. This deal will help us bring the highest standard of Drops prevention technology to firms across the Caribbean market, ensuring the safety of their personnel and integrity of their assets.”