Dropsafe Helideck Offshore

Dropsafe launches Helideck Perimeter Safety Net

Perimeter Safety Net will protect offshore workers and equipment from falling, saving lives and reducing downtime


Hong Kong, 1st March 

Dropsafe has launched a new Perimeter Safety Net system to protect personnel and assets in offshore industries. The system attaches to the perimeter frames of helidecks to protect personnel from falling and prevent loose objects from becoming dynamic Drops hazards.

As contractors and operators in the global offshore sector look to make their site safety programmes as robust as possible – seeking not only to meet, but to exceed global safety standards – airborne personnel transfers have come under increased scrutiny.

Perimeter Safety Nets are mandatory on all helidecks, yet this area of Drops prevention has often been an afterthought. Demand for a high-quality solution in the offshore sector has followed growing awareness of the specific operational risks presented by helicopter landings. Drops can occur from foreign object debris blown or equipment being loosened by powerful helicopter downdraft.

The new system developed by Dropsafe has been designed to offer a high-quality solution to the challenges posed by Drops on offshore helidecks. Drawing on extensive R&D and expertise tackling offshore Drops, it consists of 100% Japanese made 316 stainless steel wire and components.

Helidecks serve as a lifeline for offshore rigs and vessels, so it is highly important for operators that Perimeter Safety Nets can be installed and maintained whilst keeping costly operational downtime to a minimum.

In this context, traditional solutions constructed from coated metal, yarn and synthetic textiles may prove expensive in the long-term, as they are often resource-intensive to install and not suitably resistant to environmental factors. The marine-grade stainless steel Dropsafe Perimeter Safety Net is therefore designed for harsh offshore environments and can be fitted quickly and easily, as well as requiring minimal maintenance. This ultimately makes it a low-cost ownership proposition for helideck owners.

Mike Rice, Dropsafe Commercial Director, said: “Offshore operators have told us that installation and inspection times for helideck perimeter protection solutions were a key barrier to ensuring the highest levels of safety across their fleets. Our expertise in Drops prevention Nets for the offshore sector led us to design a made-to-measure system for the sector which is packed and labelled for each specific area, making it quick and easy to install with minimal tools. Crucially, the system is modular, allowing easy replacement of components should this be necessary in the course of its 25-year service life.”

He continued: “Best practice Drops prevention requires technology, which is durable and safe, ultimately reducing long term expenditure. We are proud to continue expanding the low-cost ownership options available to operators throughout the offshore supply chain seeking to implement a holistic Drops prevention programme.”

The Dropsafe Helideck Perimeter Safety Net is manufactured to the highest standards to comply with regulations such as CAP 437 and OGUK.