Daya Singa, Dropsafe distribution deal drives drops prevention in South East Asia

Daya Singa, Dropsafe distribution deal drives drops prevention in South East Asia

Dropsafe agreement with Daya Singa Sdn Bhd caters for unique Drops dangers in region.

Kuala Lumpur, 14th February

Daya Singa Sdn Bhd, a top provider of innovative safety solutions to industries such as Oil and Gas, energy, maritime and industrial sectors in Malaysia, has signed a distribution deal with global leader in Drops Prevention, Dropsafe.

The agreement will ensure the O&G, energy, and maritime industries in Malaysia can easily access high quality Drops prevention solutions. This is essential if the industry is to operate at the forefront of the global energy sector. Daya Singa will carry Dropsafe’s full product range, already used by over 300 companies globally. These include the advanced polymer Barrier, the steel wire mesh Net – used for secondary retention – and the Dropsafe Pouch, a wire mesh used to safely tether tools to personnel.

South East Asia has been one of the leading markets for effective Drops Prevention in recent years, with a growing awareness of the unique risks posed by local conditions. In particular, the region is subject to typhoons and flooding – especially during the monsoon season. It is therefore vital that products intended for Drops Prevention in SE Asia are designed to withstand extreme wind speeds. The Dropsafe Barrier, for example, is rated up to category 5 wind speed, ideally suited for markets such as this.

Malaysia is also located on the edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire, meaning increased Drops risk due to severe seismic activity, which can undermine the long-term structural integrity of assets. The need for robust and versatile Drops prevention solutions is further underlined by the hot, humid and high UV conditions, which significantly increase the rate of corrosion for equipment and fixtures across all industries. This can cause objects to come loose from their fittings and fall, potentially causing injuries to personnel or damage to equipment.

The need for robust and thorough Drops Prevention is more apparent when the practice of ‘stacking’ vessels during downturns in the industry is considered, which has indeed been the case in South East Asia in the last few years. During prolonged periods spent idle, fixtures and fittings can corrode, elevating the importance of using secondary retention solutions such as the Dropsafe Net to prevent objects from falling.

Mike Rice, Commercial Director at Dropsafe, said: “We know that Daya Singa understand the risks of operating in South East Asia – and they put safety first in everything they do. Across a broad spread of industries, leaders are making huge strides in Dropped Object Prevention. But there is always more to do, especially in regions like this where hazardous conditions may catch out companies which fail to ensure that they follow a comprehensive and robust Drops prevention programme.”

Jonathan Chia, Business Development Director, Daya Singa Sdn Bhd: “Daya Singa has been serving the Oil & Gas business in Malaysia since 1986 and our core business since the outset has been providing safety products, solutions, preventive maintenance – as well as safety services. We are always searching for new innovative solutions that make our clients’ workplaces safer for their people, operations and their assets.”

He continued: “Ever since we discovered Dropsafe and their versatile products back in 2018, we have been interested in working with them and providing their solutions to our clients in Malaysia. Dropped Objects are still one of the main causes of injury & deaths in the Oil & Gas sector. We have not seen a Drops Prevention solution provider with more varied expertise nor more robust products than Dropsafe.”

The agreement continues the wider trend of Drops Prevention agreements in the region, with high quality Drops solutions available in Singapore since 2018 through Dropsafe’s supplier Absolute Tech.