Counterfeit Nets and the dangers they pose

Counterfeit Nets and the dangers they pose


Hong Kong, 22nd June 2022 

Unfortunately, with the growth of industries’ Dropped Object Programmes, the number and availability of counterfeit products has also increased. The position of Dropsafe as a global leader in preventing dropped objects, has resulted in counterfeit versions of the Dropsafe Nets becoming available.


These products are not fit for purpose, as they haven’t been tested or verified as functional safety products; they are poorly manufactured, use unsuitable, low-quality materials, and are not tested or supplied with certification or instructions.

The danger of inadvertently using counterfeit safety products goes beyond product failure, the cost of both time and money, as well as potential injury or loss of life. Genuine, high-quality nets will be made from top-grade 316 stainless steel, and have a substantial service life, backed by our company warranty; our Nets are designed and tested to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as corrosive chemicals, extreme temperatures, and UV exposure. Many counterfeit nets claim to be genuine Dropsafe products, using Dropsafe part numbers (as below), and digitally editing Dropsafe imagery and trademarked media. The counterfeit products, however, will not possess the range of features that enhance Dropsafe Nets’ overall safety, such as the Trisafe™ Carabiner and Choke Plate with in-built RFID technology. Cheaper and less durable materials, different carabiner systems, lack of choke plates and no certifications or ratings, are just some of the elements that make counterfeit products ineffective and inadequate when it comes to onsite safety.


In Summary


Counterfeit Dropsafe Nets cannot protect your people, nor can they make any worksite safer. They are products that are not fit for purpose, misdirecting and misinforming customers in order to provide an alternative to genuine, effective safety systems. Installation of these nets poses an immediate risk to the safety of employees; with potential significant consequences should the counterfeit nets fail to prevent a fixture from dropping.

Don’t let counterfeit safety systems damage your reputation and overall site safety.

To find out more about the Dropsafe range of authentic, effective safety solutions click here. If you have concerns surrounding products you believe to be counterfeit or have any reason to suspect counterfeit nets to be installed at your facility and would like advice or assistance, please contact us. Alternatively, you can simply send a photo of the Net Choke Plate showing the Dropsafe logo, part number and batch number to for our verification.