Dropsafe Barrier Walking Surface

AQD Industrial Safety & Dropsafe partner to tackle dropped objects

Industrial sector in Europe set to benefit from faster access to best practice Drops prevention solutions

Barcelona, Spain, 26th April 

Following increasing demand for the latest Dropped Object (Drops) prevention technology from industries including power generation, chemical, marine, and manufacturing, AQD Industrial Safety has joined forces with Dropsafe, global leader in Drops prevention, in a new distribution partnership for Spain.

Drops prevention is a vital element of workplace safety which aims to prevent objects from falling and striking personnel and assets below. Statistics from the Spanish Ministry of Labour indicate that in 2019, there were 7,475 injuries resulting from ‘A strike on or against worker as a result of a falling or detached object’. This new distribution deal will ensure that facility owners and operators across Spain can access the full range of Dropsafe solutions. This includes the advanced polymer Barrier system, corrosion resistant steel wire mesh Net and Pouch, and the Helideck Net.

The agreement comes at a crucial time for Spanish industry, as Covid-19 restrictions continue to place downward pressure on markets in Europe and instigates a step change in HSE attitudes. Facility owners looking to mitigate Drops risks require timely delivery of robust solutions. Minimising downtime through quick and flexible installation is also a key priority, as is robust, durable construction to ensure long-term cost effectiveness.

The operating conditions of the industrial sector in Spain are diverse, encompassing marine environments where the risk of saltwater corrosion is high, and inland operations subject to significant heat and UV exposure. When fixtures such as lights, speaker systems and CCTV cameras are weakened, they can come loose and fall. This can be through ‘static’ Drops, where no external force is applied; or ‘dynamic’ Drops, including those caused by impacts, vibration, or handheld tools being knocked or dropped off raised working platforms and walkways. Whenever personnel work at height, the risk of Drops is present.

The new partnership will ensure that industry leaders can procure a full range of Drops prevention solutions tailored for their needs – including the Dropsafe ME ‘moderate environment’ Barrier engineered for temperate environments and controlled indoor facilities, and the XE ‘extreme environment’ option, designed for installation at facilities exposed to harsher conditions.

Raúl Jiménez, Sales Manager at AQD Industrial Safety, said: “In industrial safety, trust is everything. We knew we could rely on Dropsafe to deliver unique, innovative products to an excellent standard. Demand for best practice Drops prevention solutions from trusted providers has increased along with awareness of the risks. Now, the industry is primed to tackle the problem robustly, while keeping long-term capital expenditure to a minimum.”

Mike Rice, Dropsafe Commercial Director, added: “The Energy industry has provided a benchmark for Drops prevention for decades. As a more holistic approach to Drops prevention best practice emerges, industries such as marine, power generation and manufacturing are taking rapid strides to put comprehensive mitigation programmes into place. Customers prize instant, hassle free solutions to achieve this.”

He continued: “Drops prevention is a safety culture that goes beyond technology. Our partnership with AQD will ensure that we can continue to support a broad range of industries to identify, evaluate and ultimately mitigate Drops risks throughout the entire supply chain. We look forward to working with Spanish industrial operators to accelerate the ongoing roll out of best practice Drops prevention programmes, putting firms on the best footing possible to reduce long-term exposure to physical, financial, and reputational Drops risks.”


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