The Dropsafe Barrier

Power Generation: The Dropsafe Barrier

Dropsafe Barrier mitigates dropped object risks during essential maintenance operations at one of Asia’s largest coal fired power stations

In order to ensure the safety of technicians working at height as well as those working beneath, it is imperative that measures are taken to mitigate dropped object risks. This is especially critical during maintenance operations when there is a dramatic increase in the number of personnel and equipment on site.

The installation of several thousand metres of Dropsafe’s Barrier system at of one of Asia’s premier power company’s flagship facilities was not only quick to install and cost effective, but also tackled a major safety risk within the industry.

While the initial plan was to install the system covering maintenance periods, the customer later opted to keep the system in place permanently due to its robustness and long-term durability.

This introduction has encouraged other companies to follow suit, comprehensively mitigating the risk of dropped objects and setting a benchmark amongst all power generation businesses.