Protecting lives and operations: Tackling dropped object risks offshore

Protecting lives and operations: Tackling dropped object risks offshore

Understanding the dangers: The high-risk nature of dropped objects offshore

In the oil and gas industry, dropped objects are a significant safety hazard. Offshore environments, with their complex structures and harsh conditions, make this risk even more pronounced. Equipment and fixtures at height can become loose or corroded due to constant exposure to weather and vibrations. These incidents can lead to costly operational disruptions, severe injuries, and even fatalities, making preventive measures essential for maintaining safety.


A real-life incident: Lessons from the field

Consider a February 2019 incident on an offshore facility. A 15-kilogram fixture fell 15 metres due to corrosion and extreme weather. This incident, which could have been fatal for workers below, highlights the critical need for proactive measures. It underscores the importance of addressing dropped object hazards before they result in profound consequences. 

Why Dropsafe Nets are the optimal solution 

Dropsafe offers an immediate and reliable solution to mitigate dropped object risks, which is the best choice when elimination of the risk is not possible.

Dropsafe Nets provide instant protection, preventing fixtures of any size from falling. Dropsafe have developed the Trisafe™ carabiner which revolutionises site safety and is used across all their safety securing devices. The carabiner’s triple action operation prevents accidental opening, while the auto locking mechanism reduces human error. The introduction of this triple action, auto-locking Trisafe™ technology enables Dropsafe to offer the highest standard of worksite safety. Both easy to install and inspect, Dropsafe Nets require no maintenance or on-site modifications, making them the simplest and most effective solution. The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) have also certified all Dropsafe Nets with DOPP+ type approval.


Ensuring Safety with Dropsafe Nets

Incorporating Dropsafe Nets into offshore operations significantly enhances safety by offering an immediate and reliable solution to prevent dropped incidents. By following the hierarchy of controls—prioritising elimination, employing engineering controls, and conducting regular inspections—offshore facilities can protect their workers and maintain operational integrity.

Through these measures, we can create safer working environments and prevent tragic accidents, ensuring that every worker returns home safely at the end of the day.

Dropsafe understand the profound impact safety measures can have on workers and their families. They are committed to providing the best solutions to keep people safe. With safety solutions that are designed with the highest standards at the forefront, they ensure that you can trust them to protect your workforce and maintain operational integrity. Let us work together to make our offshore environments safer for everyone.