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Industry safety under threat due to an increase in counterfeit products

The danger of using counterfeit safety products goes beyond product failure, and costs time and money, as well as potential injury or loss of life.

Safety Standards

On a global scale, health and safety in the workplace has become an issue that has taken centre stage. This is the case especially in the energy industry, where workplace accidents can have huge repercussions on both people and the company.

China is one key country where the focus on safety has grown exponentially in recent years. Their once dubious safety record has been improved and heightened after a substantial number of facility suspensions and hefty fines due to failed health and safety inspections. Thus, safety has become a hot topic within industrial facilities.

With new safety measures, however, come new safety products. Arming your workplace and your people against issues such as dropped objects can be a minefield in itself. Dropped object hazards is one danger that is present on all worksites and facilities, and therefore a key issue that workplaces are aiming to mitigate. While drops prevention solutions are easily accessible, the last 12 months have seen a huge rise in counterfeit safety products, especially in the Chinese market.

Product Failure & Overlooked Costs

Continuing to look at dropped objects, genuine, high-quality solutions will be made from top-grade stainless steel, and have a substantial service life, backed by a company warranty; they will be designed and tested to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as high winds, extreme temperatures, and UV exposure. Many counterfeit dropped object products from China and other countries boast these same features but will not be able to back up their claims. They will be using cheaper materials that can not live up to their promise, and offer no such warranty should their products fail.

It is not only product failure that makes counterfeit products unfit for purpose. Their inferior materials and lower quality will result in corrosion and rusting, which will increase maintenance time and costs. Not only will they start to weaken very quickly after being installed, but their subsequent removal, repurchase and reinstall requires much maintenance, time and therefore higher cost.

In Summary

Chinese counterfeit dropped object products cannot protect your people, nor can they make any worksite safer. They are products that are not fit for purpose, misdirecting and misinforming customers in order to provide an alternative to genuine, effective safety systems.

While the upfront cost of legitimate safety solutions may initially seem higher, they significantly reduce risks and ensure a high level of site safety. A substantial warranty guarantees durability and a lower cost of ownership, making high quality solutions the only real choice.

To find out more about the Dropsafe range of authentic, effective safety solutions click here. If you have concerns surrounding products you believe to be counterfeit and would like advice or assistance, please contact us.

We’re not willing to sacrifice your safety and reputation, and we know you aren’t either.