Why DIY Nets increase the dangers of dropped objects

Why DIY Nets increase the dangers of dropped objects

Generic nets often fi­t poorly with an increased risk of failure during a drop; nets that are not designed to secure a specific fixture often serve to make worksites less safe


In an aim to raise awareness of drops prevention and the need for high-quality, cost-effective secondary securing solutions, Dropsafe created a range of drops prevention Nets over ten years ago. Recently the design has been improved to offer enhanced safety features, including an RFID Choke Plate and revolutionary auto locking carabiner. These Nets, which come in more than 100 different sizes, are designed to fit a specific fixture to ensure reliable, effective drops prevention.

When nets are not designed specifically for the fixture they are securing, they are not offering a suitable level of protection. DIY nets are an even worse solution, causing more issues than they prevent.

Do-it-yourself nets are not acceptable as safety securing solutions, as they require on-site modification and are therefore not rated for a SWL. Their quality and performance cannot be assured, putting personnel in danger. Installation will also be slow, require use of tools, which will then increase the risk of a dropped object, and result in sharp wires that can snag or cause injury.

If a safety securing net is loose or fitted incorrectly – which is always the case with a DIY net – the level of dynamic force the net would need to absorb during a dropped object incident would be extremely high. The risk of the net failing would also, therefore, increase substantially. It is important to ensure your nets fit the fixture they are securing snugly.

DIY nets are slow to install, require cutting so exposing sharp wire, and fi­t poorly. A net or cable that has not been made by an accredited safety company creates significant safety risks at your facility. 

Equally dangerous is when third parties make their own securing cables, which are also not tested, certified or fit for purpose, again putting personnel at risk.

Dropsafe Nets and Securing Cables, however, have been tested and certified to exceed industry standard requirements, and are backed by a 3-year warranty. They are easy to install and even easier to inspect, meaning minimal work for personnel onsite.

The cost of ensuring a facility of any kind is safe is nothing compared to the cost of an incident, be it financial, reputational, legal or, at worst, the injury or death of one or more people. While it is tempting to go for the cheapest option to ‘tick the boxes’ and ensure your site is safe, it is important to remember that savings on cost, often mean losing out on quality and durability. Home-made, quick-fix solutions do not solve the problem dropped objects present, but instead exacerbate it.

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DIY nets

A well-fitting Net that is designed for the fixture it is securing provides an effective, certified safety solution for mitigating dropped objects.