About Dropsafe | Global Leader in Dropped Objects Prevention

About Us

Dropsafe is the global leader in Dropped Object prevention. 

We provide the versatile and cost-effective solutions that companies need to mitigate the risks Dropped Objects pose to their people, equipment, finances and reputation.

Dropsafe also works to increase awareness of Dropped Object risks and best practice in the use of Dropped Object prevention solutions to make workplace environments safer.

Dropsafe’s technologies have been adopted worldwide by more than 300 leading businesses across sectors including Oil & Gas, Mining, Marine and Power Generation. 

Designed and manufactured in-house, our Dropped Object prevention solutions are independently tested and certified to meet the highest quality and performance standards. 

Dropsafe continuously drives innovation in Dropped Object prevention. We capitalise on the latest technologies, alongside lessons learnt from operations in diverse sectors, and in a wide range of environmental and industry conditions.

Working directly with industry professionals, and responding to site-specific requirements, Dropsafe is actively defining best practice for Dropped Object mitigation as awareness of this threat continues to grow.