About Us

Dropsafe: Your global Drops Prevention Partner

Dropsafe creates solutions to prevent objects falling from height, and we are your global partner in drops prevention. We offer all the tools, advice and resources you need to tackle drops risks comprehensively, sustainably, and in a time- and cost-effective manner.

At Dropsafe we know that the most important thing is protecting your people by creating a safer workplace. Ensuring personnel safety is paramount. A by-product of doing so is a facilities compliance with industry best practice; a way for forward-thinking businesses to take a lead on safety management, setting themselves apart within global markets. As leaders in the drops prevention space, Dropsafe strives to help companies achieve the edge with an unparalleled level of safety.

We understand the time, budget and sustainability pressures that affect safety, and therefore we have designed all Dropsafe systems to be assets, not consumables, focusing on a low-cost of long term ownership.

We aim to educate around the risks dropped objects pose, promoting a safety culture that goes beyond just our technologies. Informing facility personnel to be aware of the four-fold threat all industries face regarding dropped objects, ensuring teams not only know the dangers, but also positive and effective mitigation strategies.