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Newsletter Introduction: Mike Rice

While the global pandemic has caused major disruption across many critical industries, it has undoubtedly created a renewed focus on health and safety.

As lockdowns are gradually eased in a number of markets, it is encouraging to see that businesses are continuing to make safety paramount to their operations. In many cases, Covid-19 has provided a clear example of how a culture of safety can not only be mandated from the top down, but also implemented and embraced throughout an organisation.

Although there have been hard lessons to learn, the global response to the virus has also demonstrated a capacity to rapidly mobilise safety equipment and adapt to new ways of working. This same spirit and resourcefulness will prove equally vital in our response to ever-present safety challenges such as Drops prevention.

Cost pressures across all sectors, from Oil & Gas and Power Generation to Marine and Mining, are as pronounced as they have ever been. However there is a clear opportunity here to create a safer environment for personnel, while continuing to drive down long-term costs. Ultimately, it is up to individual businesses to take proactive steps towards this – ensuring that best practice Drops prevention becomes an integral part of a new safety culture.

In this edition of the newsletter, we delve into these topics with Brady Moore, our Americas Business Development Manager, talking about the challenges and opportunities emerging in the USA for dropped object prevention.

We also touch on some of the exciting developments for Dropsafe in the past couple of months, such as our partnership with T Triangle to enable a higher standard of Drops prevention in Africa – and our collaboration with DROPS and Drilling VR on the DROPS VR virtual reality training platform.

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Enjoy the edition.


Mike Rice

Commercial Director, Dropsafe